Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Proof Makeup: Pretty Neutrals

if you're tired of your makeup melting off in snowy weather, here are some tips! winter daytime makeup shouldn't be too heavy or overly "done". keep in mind that by wearing a neutral eye, you're already somewhat winter-proofing your look since it will be less evident if your makeup fades or wears off. =)

::what i used + tips::

*BeneFit Creaseless Cream Shadow in "r.s.v.p." - apply a light-coloured base. this one is a gorgeous light rosy metallic.

*MAC Paint Pot in "Bare Study" (optional) - apply a shimmery champagne base beneath lower lashline to brighten your eyes.

*Too Faced "Natural Eye" Palette - apply a shimmery pink to the inner 1/2 of lid. this colour is comparable to Stila "Kitten" e/s. pat on for better colour payoff and lasting power. bring colour under lower lashline as well.

*apply a matte taupe from same palette. this colour is comparable to MAC "Soba". accentuate outer corners, bringing the colour above the eyeball (crease). be sure to leave the pink relatively untouched.

*apply a matte dark brown to outer corner, bringing it in about halfway across lid. gently blend upwards to create a soft hazy look.

*MAC 217 Blending Brush - use a fluffy blending brush to blend out any harsh lines.

*matte dark brown - line lower lashline with same matte dark brown using a stiff brush. bring colour about halfway in.

*shimmery pink - highligh inner corners.

*matte beige - highlight browbone. this colour is comparable to MAC "Brule" or perhaps "Vanilla". blend into the brown you've already applied.

*Blinc "Kiss Me" Tubing Mascara - excellent choice to keep makeup from smudging. tubing mascaras are fully waterproof and only come off if you lightly squeeze and pull the mascara off your lashes with warm water! way more winter-proof than traditional waterproof mascaras.

*Make Up Forever "Mist & Fix" Spray - set and protect your hard work with a fixing spray so it won't get mucked up in the event of wet snowfall. =)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

BB Creams: Quick Facts

the Asian phenom known as BB (or "Blemish Balm") Cream is basically a combination of foundation, concealer, moisturizer, SPF, acne-treatment, and skin-whitening formula to reduce the amount of products used and time consumed when prepping your face.

the idea of BB creams is to heal and improve while covering up, which is theoretically a fantastic idea. i am really liking it so far!

there are several popular brands out there, like "Skin Food", "Skin79", "BRTC", and "Missha". i'm currently using South Korean brand Missha, which only comes in two shades: 21 and 23. 23 blends perfectly into my skin, which is about NC 25-30 in MAC terms. Since BB creams were developed for Asian skin (yellow undertones), i believe it works best for those skintones.

you can see in my Face Routine video that i combine Missha BB cream, which actually provides really good coverage, with Almay's Clear Complexion concealer around problem zones like the nasal area (constant nose-blowing leaves it very red).

Friday, January 1, 2010

Trimming Thick Brows is Easy!

it virtually takes only 10 seconds every couple of weeks to manage thick, bushy brows.

::what i used + tips::

*spoolie - pick up little free ones from Sephora at their makeup testing stations. because you're only using them to push up stray brow hairs, there aren't many sanitation issues. store them well and a few can end up lasting a lifetime.

*small sharp scissors - these work best for a precise trim. definitely don't use big safety scissors. =)

Party Look: Black Smoky Eye

this look is flattering on everyone. great for a night out!

::what i used + tips::

*BeneFit Creaseless Cream Shadow in "Skinny Jeans" - a metallic shimmery dark grey undertone that also acts as a base. blend well and take it above the crease.

*NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Bean" - blend this black base evenly on the lid area down to the lashline.

*MAC "Carbon" - for a more wearable (vs. Weird Raccoon Eyes) look, blend this matte black from the outer V and fade it in towards the inner corner. make the colour at the outer V thicker, and thin it out as you blend in.

*line lower lashline with "Carbon" and a stiff brush. only line the outer 2/3, leaving inner 1/3 untouched.

*MAC Paint Pot in "Bare Study" - apply this champagne base to inner 1/3 of lower lashline and use it to highlight brownbone.

*MAC "Shroom" - highlight using a slightly shimmery beige so it contrasts with the matte black.

*Stila "Kitten" - emphasize inner corners with this shimmery pinky beige.

*Styli Style liner in "Black" - use a pencil liner to line lower waterline and upper lashline.

*optional: highlight ball of eye and lower lashline with a shimmery colour. in the video i use e.l.f. mineral shadow in "Mysterious".

*Curl lashes and add mascara to finish.


Peach & Brown Snow Bunny Eyes

a nice neutral eye you can wear for daytime without looking overdone.

::what i used + tips::

*MAC Paint Pot in "Rubenesque" - adds a shimmery bronzy peach undertone and acts as a base to make colours pop.

*MAC Paint Pot in "Bare Study" - line lower lashline with this light champagne base to brighten eyes.

*Stila "Kitten" - use this to set and enhance "Bare Study".

*Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette - apply dark peach over lids and above crease (top of eyeball). highlight middle of lid/eyeball with matte light peach. add dimension with matte dark brown.

*apply the dark brown BETWEEN crease and lashline. leave dark peach peeking above matte brown, and try to leave matte peach on lids undisturbed.

*MAC "Embark" - emphasize lashline with a stiffer, flatter brush and a matte warm brown.

*Matte beige - highlight browbone. the look is meant to be mostly matte since it's a day look.

*Revlon Colorstay Liner in "Brown" - to complement this soft warm day theme, use a brown liner instead of black. i just line the upper lashline but you can do both if you like. Use "Embark" to set the liner.

*Curl lashes and add mascara to finish.


happy 2010 everyone. may you have a safe, healthy, and prosperous year ahead. =)

denimcouture XO

Winter Must-Haves

staying warm in Canadian winters is never easy. looking stylish or cute is even harder when all you want to do is avoid dying of frostbite and hypothermia. here are my tried & true combinations.

::what i used + tips::

*toques (knit hats) - simplest way to up the cute factor. i personally love slouchy hats, Korean Ulzzang style. =)

*mittens - way better than gloves for keeping your hands toasty. it's scientifically proven that the body heat that your combined fingers generate in mittens is far warmer than if they were separated in gloves. a compromise for dog-walkers like me? Thinsulate (or similar) convertible mittens. Thinsulate mitts are super warm with awesome leather grip on the palm and very sticky velcro for conversion purposes. =)

*legwarmers - yes, super retro but totally warm!

*earmuffs - good for keeping your style intact if you've gotten yer hair did, but heat escapes quickest from the top of your head so i prefer toques for warmth. something to consider! (i've worn earmuffs in my time but another downside for me is that it can dig into my industrial piercing.)

*cute scarves - i don't show this in the video because i already have a vid dedicated to my scarf collection, but you know i love scarves! i also don't wear a scarf with my Canada Goose jacket because it's so warm.

*Canada Goose jacket - this is a HUGE investment and is disgustingly expensive, but is a MUST if you truly want to stay warm in Antarctic climate. these jackets cost between $500 - $600 and they never really go on sale. one tip is to go on Boxing Day. i bought mine that day at registered Canada Goose retailer "Le Baron" (there are fakes out there so be careful! each genuine CG jacket comes with a certificate with production number), and they dropped the tax. doesn't sound like much, but it does make a difference. the downside is that CG products were final sale and you had to get there early so could find your size. if you can't wait or don't want to take the chance, then just go out and buy the jacket if you can afford it. it's one of the wisest investments you will ever make in terms of protective outerwear!!!! i would recommend the long (butt-covering) version of the jacket so it really keeps your entire body, not just your core, super cozy.

*Sorel "Caribou" boots - 100% waterproof and is good in something like -40C weather. the tread is amazing, the design is really stylish, and you don't have to wear three socks to keep your toes from falling off.

*Jig-a-loo - around $5.00 at your local Home Depot. waterproofs everything! also acts as a lubricant and does all sorts of interesting functions. but i use it mainly for waterproofing my boots, even leather or suede "fashion boots". it really works. literally repels water off your boots!

here's their site: http://www.jigaloo.com/ca/e_products_jigaloo.php

A Collection of DENIMCOUTURE Looks

this collection of my 2009 looks was originally created for a YouTube contest.