Friday, January 1, 2010

Winter Must-Haves

staying warm in Canadian winters is never easy. looking stylish or cute is even harder when all you want to do is avoid dying of frostbite and hypothermia. here are my tried & true combinations.

::what i used + tips::

*toques (knit hats) - simplest way to up the cute factor. i personally love slouchy hats, Korean Ulzzang style. =)

*mittens - way better than gloves for keeping your hands toasty. it's scientifically proven that the body heat that your combined fingers generate in mittens is far warmer than if they were separated in gloves. a compromise for dog-walkers like me? Thinsulate (or similar) convertible mittens. Thinsulate mitts are super warm with awesome leather grip on the palm and very sticky velcro for conversion purposes. =)

*legwarmers - yes, super retro but totally warm!

*earmuffs - good for keeping your style intact if you've gotten yer hair did, but heat escapes quickest from the top of your head so i prefer toques for warmth. something to consider! (i've worn earmuffs in my time but another downside for me is that it can dig into my industrial piercing.)

*cute scarves - i don't show this in the video because i already have a vid dedicated to my scarf collection, but you know i love scarves! i also don't wear a scarf with my Canada Goose jacket because it's so warm.

*Canada Goose jacket - this is a HUGE investment and is disgustingly expensive, but is a MUST if you truly want to stay warm in Antarctic climate. these jackets cost between $500 - $600 and they never really go on sale. one tip is to go on Boxing Day. i bought mine that day at registered Canada Goose retailer "Le Baron" (there are fakes out there so be careful! each genuine CG jacket comes with a certificate with production number), and they dropped the tax. doesn't sound like much, but it does make a difference. the downside is that CG products were final sale and you had to get there early so could find your size. if you can't wait or don't want to take the chance, then just go out and buy the jacket if you can afford it. it's one of the wisest investments you will ever make in terms of protective outerwear!!!! i would recommend the long (butt-covering) version of the jacket so it really keeps your entire body, not just your core, super cozy.

*Sorel "Caribou" boots - 100% waterproof and is good in something like -40C weather. the tread is amazing, the design is really stylish, and you don't have to wear three socks to keep your toes from falling off.

*Jig-a-loo - around $5.00 at your local Home Depot. waterproofs everything! also acts as a lubricant and does all sorts of interesting functions. but i use it mainly for waterproofing my boots, even leather or suede "fashion boots". it really works. literally repels water off your boots!

here's their site: http://www.jigaloo.com/ca/e_products_jigaloo.php

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