Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring 2011 Outfit of the Day: Layered Cropped Tank (Day to Night)

One of the latest Spring trends to hit the streets is cropped tops. I'm personally not a huge fan of them because they immediately give me flashbacks of every traumatic fashion experience growing up in the 80s. For some reason when I see a cropped top, my mind immediately conjures up a disturbing image reel starring George Michael in a pink headband and exercise gear and Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. running in slow mo in short shorts. Gross. Does it make me old that I remember a time when we joked about how the 80s would never return and thanked our lucky stars that it was just a terrible mistake? Well, for a few years now, 80s fashion has been creeping its way back onto the scene. Right now I'd say it's hitting us hard, what with all the cropped tops, bright neons, and clashing florals dominating the runway. I must say though, designers have updated these once-disastrous fashions into something more modern and wearable. Only in small doses of course. Meaning, if you walk into Forever 21 right now it looks like a garden threw up.

But I digress. Here are some examples of how I incorporated this Spring's trends of cropped top, neutral palette, and nautical theme. The cut of this Forever 21 tank is cute but I didn't feel ready to sport it alone. I feel like you have to be stick skinny to really pull off this look without risking potential "pregnancy chic". So I brought it into my comfort zone by creating a slimmer silhouette through layering. I'm not going to lie, I bought this tank mainly because I loved the little blue bicycles on it. My actual train of thought (much like my dog's when he sees food): "Wait, are those bicycles? Bicycles? Yes! Yes they're bicycles! SO cute!! I definitely don't have anything in my closet that has BICYCLES on it. How interesting! Bicycles?? SOLD!" LOL. But besides the super kawaii factor, I like the paradox of how it channels Spring's trendy nautical theme through a land-based mechanism. Mindblasting!


Flats like Toms are both practical and stylish. Great for walking around all day running errands. I like to wear a purse from my array of slouchy bags like this one from Coach.


Trade the Toms and purse for heels and a clutch.


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